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Sweepstakes are one of those verticals that arbitrage traders call evergreen. In fact, it’s not in vain, because the opportunity to get something for free always attracts everyone. Even if the chances of winning are low or there is skepticism about their feasibility, there are no obstacles to trying your luck. Especially when the price for such an attempt is the provision of data.

What are sweepstakes? More about vertical​

Sweepstakes is a vertical in traffic arbitrage, focused on promoting competitions, sweepstakes and various prize giveaways. The main purpose of such offers is to collect contact information about clients. In the future, the advertiser uses this information at its discretion to generate income. Essentially, the role of the affiliate is to encourage the user to leave their email address or phone number.

Depending on the payment model, sweepstake offers are divided into several categories:

- SOI (Single Opt-In) – in this model, the arbitrator receives a commission when the user indicates his email. The catch is that the provided email address does not need to be verified, so all applications, even those with fictitious addresses, are considered leads. Because of this, the value of such leads is relatively low.

- DOI (Double Opt-In) – a method in which the user must provide his email address and confirm it by clicking on the link from the verification email. This process eliminates the possibility of providing false information, which improves the quality of traffic and, as a result, increases commissions.

- CC Submit (Credit Card Submit) – this model allows the arbitrator to receive a commission when the user pays a small fee for participating in the drawing or leaves his card details. This model is the most complex because not all users are willing to provide their card information or make a payment. However, this model also has the highest cost per lead.

- PIN Submit – in this model, for a successful conversion, the user must provide his phone number and confirm it via SMS.

- IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – in this model, users confirm the information provided with a phone call, calling the code received on the site.

Sweeps are often seen as an ideal starting point in traffic arbitrage for beginners, and here's why:

  • Lead generation requires minimal effort, since the client is not convinced to buy something, but given the opportunity to get something;
  • Quite high rates, especially in the CC Submit model, where you can earn at least 50 bucks per lead, and for Tier-1 countries this figure can be much higher;
  • There is a high probability of approval, as well as a favorable ratio of clicks to leads;
  • Creating creatives for a campaign isn't too difficult, sometimes it's enough just to show the main prize and provide the image with appropriate captions. In some offers, the advertiser even provides the affiliate with ready-made creatives;
  • Traffic can be received for free, for example, by posting comments on social networks.

How to choose a sweepstake offer to promote in 2023?​

Rewards are the driving force behind sweepstakes as they attract users, so you should always pay attention to what kind of prizes each offer offers. It is also very important to assess their relevance and seasonality.

For example, if a new iPhone has recently appeared on the market, then it is advisable to promote an offer in which the main prize is this particular gadget. Similarly, as holidays such as Christmas approach, vouchers for discounts at various stores become attractive to users.
The factors mentioned above are always worth taking into account, but did 2023 bring anything new? Fortunately, the answer is yes. While many people are eager to own the latest iPhone, and offers like these remain relevant, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract user interest due to the saturation of the market with such offers.

Trending prizes in sweepstake offers 2023:​

  • The unstable economic situation in many countries around the world has significantly increased the attractiveness of cash sweepstakes, especially in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries.
  • Prizes related to a healthy lifestyle and entertainment are relevant for residents of Tier-1 states. These include gym memberships or computer and console games.
  • In all GEOs, various products, for example, Dyson appliances, game consoles and clothing from well-known brands are of significant interest.
  • Discount and gift vouchersfor shopping and holidays are still relevant, especially given the financial difficulties faced by many and the resulting desire to save.

Sweepstakes: How to choose an offer for a specific GEO?​

One of the most important aspects to pay attention to is GEO. For each country, there are certain sweepstake offers that have the highest conversion rates. Essentially, this segmentation is driven by the payment models discussed in the previous section.

Tier-1 countries are most suitable for promoting all kinds of sweepstakes, primarily because consumer marketing is highly developed in these regions. Here, people often use vouchers, cashback services and gift certificates, which gives them a higher level of trust in various online sweepstakes.

However, at the same time, attracting high-income consumers with incentives like a new iPhone can be difficult. The SOI and DOI models work well in most countries in this category, especially in the USA, Canada, Italy, UK, Spain and Portugal. Moreover, Tier-1 countries are the preferred option for CC Submit offers.

Therefore, if you plan to make money from them, then you should initially pay attention to the Scandinavian and Baltic countries. However, although the stakes in the first tier are usually higher, beginners should not get into trouble, since the competition here is very high, and without prior experience the chances of success are low.

As for Tier-2 countries, according to MyLead, both SOI and DOI models will work here almost everywhere. The CC Submit model may not be as effective as in Tier 1 countries, but it is still quite converting. The truth is not everywhere. Promoting CC Submit offers in post-Soviet countries may be a challenge, as citizens of these countries often experience fraud and are reluctant to provide their credit card information. Therefore, for successful conversion in such offers, as well as in PIN and IVR models, it is necessary to carefully study the target audience and take the time to warm them up.

As for mobile traffic, the countries of Eastern Europe show decent results in it. For beginners, a good starting point is just the offers tailored to Tier-2 countries.

Tier-3, countries have the greatest potential for mobile traffic, especially in Asia and Africa, due to the widespread use of mobile devices there. Problems with SOI and DOI are also not expected in this part of the world. But choosing CC Submit offers for this geographic region will not be the best option, since many countries do not have widespread access to online payments.

It is important to keep in mind that although the rates here are the lowest, traffic can also be purchased at a lower price. Therefore, this shooting range is ideal for beginners on a limited budget.

Recommended offers​

McDonalds - CC - IT

20.71 USD | Model: CPA | Conversion Type: CC Submit (credit card details) | GEO: IT

KFC Voucher - AU

1.85 USD | Model: CPL | Conversion type: participation in a competition | GEO:AU

M&Ms Easter - BE

1.15 USD | Model: CPL | Conversion type: SOI, participation in the competition | GEO: BE

Walmart Gift Cards - CA

0.73 USD | Model: CPL | Conversion type: SOI, account creation and activation | GEO: CA

Best traffic sources for sweepstakes in 2023​

Sweepstakes are a very versatile vertical that can be seamlessly integrated into almost any traffic source, providing arbitrage traders with ample opportunities. Let's consider the most profitable of these sources.

Push notifications​

Push notifications are a convenient and understandable source for sweepstakes, which can be easily mastered due to the ease of setup and quick optimization of campaigns. They are effective on both PC and mobile devices. Since push notifications are not like traditional advertising, users are more willing to opt in to receive such notifications, which subsequently leads to satisfactory conversion rates.

Pop-up and pop-under​

Pop-ups and pop-unders are a common method of promoting sweeps, primarily due to their ability to capture user attention, bypassing banner blindness. Ads such as push notifications are effectively optimized for mobile devices and desktops, with simple moderation. In addition, a significant advantage of this format is the availability of large space for presenting information about the offer.

Native advertising​

The native advertising format is ideal for sweepstakes due to the ability to strategically place information about the offer on websites of the desired topic. The components of advertising are organically combined with each other and do not distract the reader’s attention from the main topic, and sometimes even, on the contrary, enhance it. For example, a Nintendo Switch review page might invite a user to enter a giveaway for that gaming console. This technique will clearly encourage the user to read the material more carefully.


Facebook, being the main social network for arbitrage traders, is also great for advertising sweepstakes. However, this platform is more complex than others, and the problem is that it is prohibited to promote giveaways. Therefore, to redirect traffic it is necessary to cloach. As a rule, cloaking services are paid, so we suggest using our HideLink cloaking service, which is completely free for users of the MyLead affiliate network.

Email newsletters​

Using email newsletters is a tried and true method of generating traffic that consistently produces positive results. In particular, they can be successfully used to attract leads to sweepstake offers. However, there is a catch. To conduct email campaigns, you need to have a database of email addresses, which you can either purchase or collect yourself. In the latter case, you will have to spend more time, but the quality of the mailing will be higher, since the purchased databases may include an audience that was previously targeted for the mailing. Regardless, the key is to create a valuable and well-structured email that not only generates interest, but also trust. Every component of the letter, starting with the header, must be carefully thought out.

Tips for creating a pre-landing page for sweepstakes​


Sweepstakes is a vertical in which pre-landing is a mandatory component. Its goal is to attract the attention of the audience even before they get to the landing page, create an appropriate emotional mood and arouse interest in participating in the giveaway. The recommendations below will help you develop an effective pre-landing page for sweepstake offers.

  • The pre-landing page should be in harmony with the content and aesthetics of the landing page. For example, if you are promoting a gaming console as a reward, this should be clearly stated on the pre-landing page. Regarding the second, if the design of your prelander does not match the appearance of the landing page, then the client may doubt the fairness of the draw and refuse the conversion.
  • Successful pre-landing includes interactive components that significantly increase your click-through rate (CTR). Interactivity can be in the form of quick surveys or simple games (for example, wheel of fortune or opening boxes with prizes).
  • The preview page should load quickly and display correctly on all target devices. Considering that Internet users in general are impatient, every second is critical. The longer a user has to wait, the higher the likelihood of losing it.
  • Make sure your pre-landing page is tailored to the GEO you're targeting. Although English is widely spoken, if it's not the primary language of the country, you risk losing a certain percentage of your leads.
  • Be sure to conduct A/B testing of pre-landing pages. Experiment with different pre-landing pages for a profitable offer or try different offers with a well-designed page. If you want to find a profitable combination, then you cannot do without such experiments.
Don’t forget that monitoring competitors’ strategies is always a relevant option. Arbitrators often use spy services for this purpose, which not only find, but also download the pre-lander of another affiliate, so that it can later be modified and used to their advantage.

How to create a creo for sweepstake offers? Tips for creating creatives​


Earlier in this article, we noted that creating creatives for sweepstakes is not such a difficult task. Essentially, that’s the way it is, but let’s take a closer look at the main points.

  • The main focus of creativity should always be on reward. As you might guess, it serves as our bait. However, this does not mean that the prize must be the only element. For example, when advertising an offer where the prize is a Nintendo Switch, you can use the game The Legend of Zelda, which is exclusive to this console. But a new smartphone can be advertised by combining it with an attractive image of a female or male model.
  • Focus on personalizing the prize. Many users will be intrigued if they receive a message that they have been selected among others for the opportunity to win something.
  • Emphasize the limited supply. Create a sense of urgency in the user by emphasizing that they have a rare opportunity that is slipping away. For example, indicate that there are only a few hours left until the end of the competition, or that there are only a couple of prizes left. This strategy leaves the user less time to think, thereby reducing the likelihood that he will refuse to click on the ad.
  • Include in your creo reviews of real people who confirm that they won a prize. Depending on the source of traffic, reviews can be presented in the form of a short video or a screenshot from a personal message. The main thing is to approach the creation of such content wisely and try to make it as believable as possible.
  • Also laconicism and minimalism are effective. Sometimes it’s enough just to hint at a tempting offer and encourage you to click on the advertisement to try your luck. This advertisement attracts attention with its simplicity and mysterious content. .