What is ChatGPT and what is it capable of: from code to poetry and dialogues



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What is ChatGPT and what is it capable of: from code to poetry and dialogue.

The ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAl is the first multitasking AI that is available to any user. ChatGPT has already begun to have a serious impact on many areas>
What ChatGPT can do:
-- Write code. The chatbot not only suggests how to perform an operation or process, but also analyzes the code, looks for flaws in it, and also translates from one programming language to another. It has already been successfully used to create simple but fully functional applications for iOS and Android;

-- Answer difficult questions. At the same time, according to user observations, the quality of answers is higher than that of Google search;

-- Create scripts. Using ChatGPT, you can generate new episodes of old TV series or assign specific tasks to the heroes of cinematic universes. The chatbot is also capable of generating a game based on the film;

-- Compose lyrics and notes;

-- Give medical advice. ChatGPT tells you what to do if you have headaches or allergies, but then advises you to see a doctor;

-- Create plans and calculations. ChatGPT will help you calculate your total daily energy intake or create a personalized meal plan for weight loss;

-- Write essays and essays. A Google researcher said a chatbot wrote an essay about the differences in approaches to nationalism between political scientists Benedict Anderson and Ernest Gellner in just a minute. Other users shared how the neural network wrote essays about diversity in the modern world and US expansion to the West in the 19th century;

-- Generate requests for other neural networks. The chatbot composes accurate tips for Midjourney and other neural networks that generate pictures;

-- High-quality translation of text from one language to another.
Over the past six months, many unusual cases of using ChatGPT have accumulated. For example, a chatbot was used to create a new dish for a restaurant and help a judge decide a case.